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"Live recordings, sounds, styles & mixes - by Michael Brick"

This site is intended for friends who might be interested in music- and sound gadgetry. The recordings were spontaneously created over time until 2017. Appart from my notebook and my Fender Stratocaster guitar with GK3 pickup system I used a Roland GR - 55 Board (Guitar Synth & Modeling), a ZOOM G3X Board (Guitar Effects & Amp Simulator), a variety of VST plug-ins, an ESI audio interface and for styles my own age-old, self-programmed MIDI-software "RMCA Pro". The improvisations, takes and "snippets" are based on backing tracks or loops and were directly recorded and only reworked for sound.

The complete musical material can rightly be called "couch rock", since it was
mostly actually created "on the couch", i.e. was recorded "live" with guitar completely
"in one go" and thus freely improvised. So no "overdupping", but "recorded in one piece"!



                                 ROLAND GR-55                                             ZOOM G3X                                                     ESI UMG96

Ibanez musician     Cort Western    Fender Stratocaster

The songs were created mainly using the following equipment:

  • Arrangements & instrumentation : RMCA Pro (my own, self-developed software).
  • Drums : DrumCore 4 (software by Sonoma Wire Works)
  • MIDI-SoundFont : Black Tyros24 GM Edition by JaZMan
  • Guitar amp modeling : TH3 by Overloud and S-Gear2 by Scuffham
  • Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) : REAPER (software by Cockos Incorporated)
  • All songs recorded and mastered with HP ProBook 450 G1

For the recordings I used my old guitar, "Ibanez musician", from 1977.

All songs have been recorded in the course of time using my software "RMCA Pro"
(Realtime MIDI Chord Arranger Pro). For more information, audio and video
demos, tips and tricks etc. please refer to my website.

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If enough time is available, it is recommended to play all takes of this page.
Depending on the system, the correct "MP3 player" should be loaded and used.

Required is an MP3 player that can process *.m3u files (playlists),  such as the
Windows Media PlayerFoobar2000, the VCL Media-Player or AIMP.

In the corresponding players, the following entry must be made in the
configuration line provided for this purpose in the settings - e.g. under "Play location"
in Foobar2000 - the following entry has to be made, whereby upper
and lower case are to be considered: 

And please: Use headphones or earbuds and then "TURN UP", if possible!

Enjoy listening and I hope that I will always have time and fun making
more shots and improving this website


The following 3 playlists down below are only directly usable for Windows user !!!

Users of other operating systems need perhaps an "MP3-player"
that can handle *.m3u files (playlists), such as for Apple users for
example "Foobar2000" or "VCL media player". In the corresponding
players - at the configuration line provided for it in the settings,
e.g. under "Play location" at "Foobar2000" or for execution with
a suitable Internet browser the following case-sensitive entry must
be made or taken over by "copy & paste":

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Individual songs can also be played or listened * here *.


The "special thing" about the music files - some of which were created more than 13 years ago - is that they are "mastered" in an optimal and modern way (i.e. suitable for all sound systems - no matter whether very small or very large). This applies to the uniform sound, regardless of when and how the recordings were made, as well as to the frequency response, dynamics, volume and sound, which is now essentially optimized over all years of creation and independent of the instruments and technical possibilities used, and which corresponds to the so-called "industry standard" (e.g. for studio recordings of drums, guitars, bass & keyboards).

All 68 songs of this website (Playing time: 3 h 39 min.) are available within a zip-archive as *.mp3-files and can be extracted into one directory after the download without any problems. This may be recommended, because it offers the possibility that within this directory a possible random selection refers to all songs from all periods!

Store all takes as mp3 files: [419,03 MB, 68 takes] - *Download* (extract all files into one directory !)


It is also possible to download all songs as *.wav files and burn them in alphabetical order e.g. on CDs. This would require 3 CDs with corresponding capacity:

     -  CD 01: [652,63 MB] - *Download*

     -  CD 02: [654,29 MB] - *Download*

     -  CD 03: [745,43 MB] - *Download*


Here are some short examples: 



The following two instrumental tracks (CoolBeat and JazzBlues) were recorded live by my friend Juergen on electric
bass and me on electric guitar to backing tracks that were spontaneously generated by my software "RMCA Pro":


Thanks for listening !

The text passages of this web page were translated into "English" with the help of the DeepL translator (free version).

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