Live recordings ...

 A "special thing" about all my music files - some of which were created more than 13 years ago - is that they are "mastered" in an optimal and modern way. This applies to the uniform style, regardless of when and how the recordings were made, as well as to the frequency response, dynamics, volume and sound, which is now essentially optimized over all years of creation and independent of the instruments and technical possibilities used, and which corresponds to the so-called "industry standard" (e.g. for studio recordings of drums, guitars etc.). 

  Another special feature is that no permanently installed Internet connection is 
required to play the music files. The files have been stored online in a format that allows them to be "streamed" "outdoors" as "mobile data" using e.g. LTE (Long Term Evolution). With the cellular network, mobile data can be transmitted in greater quantities and at higher speeds over the air interface.

To do this, please activate your network for mobile data playback and start the playlist

in your mp3 player or within your internet browser.